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We have all kinds of all Pilates courses both on mat (All Population Mat) or on equipment (Cadillac, Reformer, Chair, Ladder Barrel,etc.).
The course has two levels. The first one consist of three tiers. The second one has two tiers. We will teach you how to modify exercise that is safe and effective. You will learn how to design the exercise that suitable for different age of groups and fitness level to create safe and effective workouts.

Emphasis is placed on maintaining variety and providing small challenges while safely
progressing a client in order to avoid monotony.

The Master Trainer

Our Master Trainer, Charles Xu. He got certified from the Headquartered Pilates Academy International which base in New York,
USA in 2017.

The Master Trainer

Pilates Workout

We have different kind of pilates workout from the Cadillac, Chair, Core Align until the Famous Silk Suspension™ also try the PAI Barres & Belles that will sculpt your thigh.

Mulai dari anda yang ingin memperbaiki masalah pada tubuh anda ( sakit pinggang, sakit leher, sakit pada lutut, skoliosis, pre-post NATAL, dll ) atau ingin mengingkatkan kemampuan anda ( pelari, pemain golf, penari, dll ) hingga anda yang ingin menjadi Instruktur Pilates yang handal. Kami mempunyai Instruktur Pilates yang handal untuk menangani masalah anda dan membantu meningkatkan kemampuan gerak anda. Kami juga memiliki Master Trainer yang handal untuk mencetak calon Instruktur Pilates yang akan menangani semua calon konsumen.

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The Pilates Academy International (PAI) – We believe a great Pilates Intructor must have three essential skills : a solid understanding of anatomy; biomechanics and postural issues; a strong command of the exercise repertoire, including modifications for all fitness levels; and the ability to inspire and motivate client.

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