Emilla is bachelor of digital design graduate but later on finding her passion in Pilates.

She has personal experience in the past constantly suffered back and neck pain. She also diagnosed with fibromyalgia.
Not just Pilates has helped her to cope with the pain but also improved her quality of life. Therefore in 2021 She decided to become pilates Instructor.

She is certified through Pilates Academy International.

She also has experience on child education therefore she can understand the importance of sensorial and the feels on our own body. She still continues her study on several pilates training.

Mulai dari anda yang ingin memperbaiki masalah pada tubuh anda ( sakit pinggang, sakit leher, sakit pada lutut, skoliosis, pre-post NATAL, dll ) atau ingin mengingkatkan kemampuan anda ( pelari, pemain golf, penari, dll ) hingga anda yang ingin menjadi Instruktur Pilates yang handal. Kami mempunyai Instruktur Pilates yang handal untuk menangani masalah anda dan membantu meningkatkan kemampuan gerak anda. Kami juga memiliki Master Trainer yang handal untuk mencetak calon Instruktur Pilates yang akan menangani semua calon konsumen.

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The Pilates Academy International (PAI) – We believe a great Pilates Intructor must have three essential skills : a solid understanding of anatomy; biomechanics and postural issues; a strong command of the exercise repertoire, including modifications for all fitness levels; and the ability to inspire and motivate client.

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