Nicholas Kevin

Starting from his interest in mindfulness, Nicholas began his passion with Pilates when he discovered the abity to strengthen the mind-to-body connection which improves the ability to improve self regulation and resilience.

Nicholas is certified through Pilates Academy International. He hopes to emphasize proper technique and alignment while challenging the muscles and the mind during his classes. Always aiming for clients to leave feeling more connected with their own bodies than when they arrived, Nicholas balances challenging workouts with excitement and joy of movement.

A graduate of London School of Public Relations Jakarta, he brought in his experience in communications to connect with his clients and help them reach their goals during their classes. He is excited to serve as one of the instructors at Pilates Hunter and help you deepen the connection between your mind and body through the Pilates method.

Mulai dari anda yang ingin memperbaiki masalah pada tubuh anda ( sakit pinggang, sakit leher, sakit pada lutut, skoliosis, pre-post NATAL, dll ) atau ingin mengingkatkan kemampuan anda ( pelari, pemain golf, penari, dll ) hingga anda yang ingin menjadi Instruktur Pilates yang handal. Kami mempunyai Instruktur Pilates yang handal untuk menangani masalah anda dan membantu meningkatkan kemampuan gerak anda. Kami juga memiliki Master Trainer yang handal untuk mencetak calon Instruktur Pilates yang akan menangani semua calon konsumen.

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The Pilates Academy International (PAI) – We believe a great Pilates Intructor must have three essential skills : a solid understanding of anatomy; biomechanics and postural issues; a strong command of the exercise repertoire, including modifications for all fitness levels; and the ability to inspire and motivate client.

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